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The anatomy of the Cloud Center of Excellence

What is a Cloud Centre of Excellence?

The complexity of IT landscapes continues to grow which entails several new areas of governance, making management more difficult - yet all the more necessary. In a recent study, 63% of CIOs say the complexity of their cloud environment has surpassed human ability to manage. 

A central Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) helps to solve these challenges by providing a best practice framework for cloud adoption and governance. The CCoE plays a key role in preparing and aligning your organization to take full advantage of your cloud business benefits.  

Why attend this Digital Lab?

Catch our 30-minute digital lab to explore what characterizes a well-functioning Cloud Center of Excellence, how to stay in control of your cloud processes, and what that requires from a people and process perspective.

In this on-demand webinar, our cloud expert will take a deep dive into the establishment of a successful CCoE and guide you through the process. We demonstrate two cloud governance scenarios; one with the CCoE and one without and answer frequently asked questions such as:

  • How do you stay in control of a complex cloud environment?
  • What are the processes you need around cloud governance?
  • What can a Cloud Center of Excellence do to support it?

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Mirco Wienen

Mirco Wienen
Consulting CTO



1. Understanding the Cloud Center of Excellence
  - Defining the CCoE
  - The three principal duties
  - Key roles and responsibilities

2. Establishing a successful CCoE
  - Operation model
  - 4 step-setup process
  - Risks

3. Best practices
   - Public cloud structures and layouts
   - DevOps methodology
   - Use cases