Your end-user at the heart of your organization

Technology can enable our modern workplace scenery to be as flexible as we are. Complex IT landscapes and high-level security demands, however, tend to limit end-user freedom. How do you make sure your end-users get the most out of their digital experience, without sacrificing resources, compliance, and control?

An all-encompassing end-to-end (user) management strategy is needed to gain and maintain control over your business processes, available resources, critical application landscapes, suppliers, and end-user experiences. Make data-driven decisions, based on collected data, translated into 24/7 clear monitoring dashboard reports.

Find out what the Modern Workplace would look like within your organization. With the help of our consultants and architects, you can pinpoint the relevant principles and tailor the exhaustive framework strategy to perfectly match your organization, its people, and your ambitions. Whether you seek strategic advice or practical tools, after completing the assessment you’ll know exactly how and where to start.

The 3D assessment

The assessment is an easy way to leverage Sentia's 20+ years of experience and learn how your IT organization can adopt a truly Modern Workplace strategy that centralizes the end-users.
In the assessment, Sentia covers 3 stages:



During the Discover stage, the current situation is analyzed to thoroughly understand the structure of the organization. An inventory is created, based on a few pillars: people, technology, processes and information. This inventory serves as a baseline for defining the desired target situation.



The results from the ‘Discover’ stage are shared with stakeholders. The determined goal will be fine-tuned in a collaborative way, in line with the findings. As part of this, the organization’s principles and guidelines are also taken into account. The concrete result is a clear definition of the problem and the desired situation.



In the last part* of the kickstarting phase Sentia delivers, in close consultation with stakeholders, a design that fits the defined problem and the relevant goal. Step-by-step, we share what must be done to get to the desired situation. In short: a concrete plan for a Modern Workplace in your organization.

5D linear


Sentia can guide you along every step of your Modern Workplace journey, ensuring both a smooth migration and effective adoption across all axes of the organization. Benefit from our time-proven and step-by-step preparation and execution method that includes your technology, processes, and target operating models to achieve maximum impact with your day-to-day business undisrupted.

Taking it to the next step, together?

If required, we can also follow-up the assessment with 'Develop' and 'Deploy' phases, where the proposed solution is actually implemented.

Why work with Sentia?

Sentia has over 20 years of experience in Digital Experience Management and complex cloud migrations and transformations. Sentia uses this experience to help organizations ensure their IT landscape performs optimally and to end-user expectations, and that the Modern Workplace is set up to do this as effectively as possible. As a partner, rather than a service provider, we have set up outcome-based models to help your organization generate long-term value. 

More information?
Check out our Modern Workplace space, which includes the MWP insights of our CTO, a use case, and several blogs.

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