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'Unlocking business acceleration with Cloud' 


The benefits of Cloud Transformation

If you are transforming to a software-based economy or an Independent Software Company (ISV), the (public) Cloud is the accelerator! The right Cloud Strategy can help you stay competitive and even take the lead in an ever more challenging landscape:

  • How to grow your business by using a software-as-a-service delivery model?
  • Cloud journey: how do you make optimal use of the Public Cloud, which steps should you take in a successful migration to the Public Cloud?
  • How infrastructure as code can help you lead the way in a competitive market?

Sentia wants to help you to get started on this transformation journey. Our experienced architects will tell you how to lay the groundwork for cloud transformation and fully realise your business plans to lead the way in your industry.

We would like to invite you to a webinar hosted by Sentia's Group CTO Mirco Wienen, Cloud System Consultant Bas de Zeeuw and Cloud Architect Timothy de Mey. 

mirco2 Bas Timothy

Group CTO
Mirco Wienen

Cloud System Consultant
Bas de Zeeuw

Cloud Architect
Timothy de Mey


During this webinar we will discuss the following topics:

  • Best reasons to migrate to the cloud
  • The most common mistakes you can avoid
  • The latest technology trends
  • Most asked questions about Containers and Kubernetes for ISV's
  • The reason why data is fundamental?
  • Real life customer experiences
  • Q&A

After this webinar we will also offer additional deepdive workshops. More information about these workshop and how to subscribe, will follow soon.

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