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e-book: Best practices for successful cloud migration and modernization

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To boost innovation, respond quickly to changing demands, and drive business transformation, organizations are migrating and modernizing their infrastructures and applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through programmable infrastructure and managed services, AWS enables modern operational practices that lead to measurable results.

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On average, organizations that migrate to AWS:

deploy solutions efficiently copy 7 Improve IT staff productivity by 62%
Cost Management Reduce operational costs by 31%
Cloud Strategy Enablement Cut unplanned downtime hours by 7x
Identity Access Management copy Deliver up to 3x more application features per year

Successful migrations take planning and expertise, as well as an understanding of the challenges you’re likely to face as part of the process. With an experienced AWS Migration Competency Partner, like Sentia, by your side to help you navigate those challenges, you can accelerate your cloud journey and achieve cloud benefits faster.


What you'll learn

This e-book sheds light on the tried-and-proven approach of AWS and Sentia guiding organizations along their successful cloud journeys, including our step-by-step approach (the 5D Delivery Model).

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