EDLUND: Colocation solution with the right setup

8 August 2018
The increased supply of customers and projects at Edlund led to an ever-growing on-premise server platform, which initially was located in Edlund's buildings in Valby. As the many servers gradually took its toll on power, cooling, and, not to mention, physical security, Edlund chose to outsource their server space by choosing a co-location solution provided by Sentia*.

Outsourcing of server space

Edlund's solution consists of several rack cabinets with redundant Gbit connectivity in Sentia's ISAE 3402 approved data centers providing the underlying infrastructure. Edlund has used Sentia as a storage and backup provider.
"Security is essential for Edlund as we develop solutions for the insurance and pension industry. We feel that Sentia takes security seriously and is focused on providing solutions where uptime and availability are paramount as well. At the same time, we appreciate the flexibility that Sentia provides,"- says Ulrik Drews, IT Manager at Edlund.
Sentia is delighted that Edlund chose them as a co-location partner.
"Edlund is a fascinating company, which experiences high growth in an interesting market, where customers typically require high-security levels. That is why we are proud and pleased that Edlund has chosen to place their servers with us," says Brian Christensen from Sentia.

Edlund A/S is a modern software house - widely represented on the Danish market in the insurance and pension industry.
Edlund A/S develops IT systems for the insurance and pension industry. Among Edlund's large regular customers are PFA, PenSam, Sampension, and ATP.

*Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S on 18.01.2019

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