5 Challenges to Achieving Observability at Scale





Using automation and intelligence to overcome obstacles


"44% of an IT teams' time is spent on manual tasks."

A successful digital transformation requires every application and digital service to work perfectly, all the time. That includes the multi-cloud platforms they run on.

But these dynamic, highly distributed cloud-native technologies are fundamentally different than their predecessors. The resulting complexity brought on by microservices, containers, and software-defined cloud infrastructure is overwhelming.

Human teams are no longer able to manage and scale these on their own. To understand what’s going on in these ever-changing environments – and be able to ensure an optimal digital experience, observability needs to scale.

What you'll learn from this e-book

Sentia and Dynatrace have teamed up to pinpoint the most common challenges teams are up against. In this e-book we explain those 5 challenges and, more importantly, we share how to overcome them:

  • The complexity of dynamic multi-cloud environments
  • Monitoring dynamic microservices and containers in real time
  • The volume, velocity and variety of data and alerts
  • Siloed Infra, Dev, Ops, Apps, and Biz teams
  • Knowing what efforts drive positive business impact



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