EAZYPROJECT: Lasting performance is crucial

2 May 2020

With EazyProject's provision of an online project management tool to over 10,000 users daily, it is business-critical for the Danish software company to ensure stable performance at all hours of the day.

EazyProject needed a partner who could understand their business needs. With an outdated server environment consisting of several servers, EazyProject needed exchange of ideas to migrate to a new and secure solution.
 "We were missing a partner who could advise us on the market situation, when to upgrade from our traditional servers and how to tweak things so that we can perform optimally. We are extremely dependent on being able to perform at a high level at all times, so we needed to find a partner with the right competencies to advise us." - Kenneth Holmskov Larsen, CEO at EazyProject.

Transparent and competent consultings

Sentia has been the IT provider for EazyProject since 2017, and EazyProject has experienced a significant difference.
"At Sentia, we feel confident that we chose the right solution. I appreciate the transparency in everything Sentia is doing, so I can follow the process along the way and quickly create an overview of the costs if I want to change our setup. Also, I'm always sure to be provided with the proper support and consulting from the employees with the right competencies, as Sentia has specialized people in each area. For me, that is positive,"- continues Kenneth Holm Larsen.

Focus on the business

Today EazyProject has a fully managed Sentia Cloud solution, including 24/7 support, monitoring, and network security. 24/7 support has enabled EazyProject to free up critical resources to focus entirely on business development and avoid operational concerns.
The choice of Sentia as an IT partner is based on three essential factors - price, performance, and consulting.  
"We have always been known for our solutions to run seamlessly, so our performance is crucial to the business. Also, Sentia's balanced connection between price and quality is of great importance – which is linked to the last important factor, namely consulting," - concludes Kenneth Holm Larsen.

EazyProject was founded in 2002 and started with the vision of providing web-based business software to large and small businesses. EazyProject develops and sells professional online solutions such as time-tracking and billing systems for automating work processes and efficient management of customer's resources.

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