Cardwise innovates with 2 new financial services

26 November 2019
We successfully passed our first technical audit. We owe this in a large part to Sentia’s experience and certifications.

Leaders in software development

Cardwise is a Mechelen-based technology, which was founded in 2011 and specialises in innovative services for financial transaction and expense management. It has now launched two new innovative internet services, prepaid credit cards and a mobile app for expense management. When collaborating with SMEs, large companies and financial institutions, trust is crucial: this is what Sentia specialises in with our excellent availability, security and data protection. 

A need for a cost effective, flexible and secure environment

Cardwise needed continuous availability, with the flexibility to run on web and mobile devices, and control over its license costs. In addition, it wanted a secure environment with a guaranteed retention period (to comply with IRS legislation) and guaranteed protection and authenticity of private data.

Sentia solutions for Cardwise

We created bespoke system architecture for Cardwise. This included a managed Microsoft environment and scalable SAN storage paired with our hardware, with service warranty and on-site spare hardware. Now, with 24/7 monitoring and technical support, a scalable environment and flexible allocation of virtual servers and storage, Cardwise knows it has the infrastructure to support its innovation.
Thanks to SAN technology, we can grow almost boundlessly. We can expand our storage volume by a factor of ten with a simple e-mail to Sentia. The company’s staff is indeed the best in the market. .

Read this case study to discover:

  • How Cardwise have innovated with a prepaid credit card and eliminated paper expense receipts.
  • How we provided seven years of guaranteed storage, which is complaint with IRS regulations.
  • How our clients can now give rock-solid guarantees in regard to performance and availability.

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