BOLIGA: Availability and fast response times are crucial

14 March 2019

As one of Denmark's most frequently visited websites, Boliga needs to get a good experience with fast response times and uptime 24/7 all year round. Any downtime is critical to Boliga's business, which makes heavy demands on the professional hosting of the systems.

Therefore, Sentia* was an easy choice for the managed service provider to fully manage Boliga's systems as Sentia meets the company's requirements for secure operations 24/7.

"Boliga is used at all hours, and we experience much activity during the weekends. Therefore, it is crucial for us that our cloud service partner provides stable operation - and not just during 9-17 on weekdays. Our choice fell on Sentia as they offer secure 24/7 service and ensures a high uptime on our servers," - explains Tim Jensen, CEO at Boliga. 

"We have many customers like Boliga who are dependent on being available 24/7. It places special demands on the service provider. We specialize in a system reliability and service team that is ready beyond normal working hours," says Nicki Bjerg from Sentia and continues: "The customer feels safe knowing the system is always up and running. Also, a contact person is always available to help."

Reliable and flexible approach to IT operations provides employees a smooth and efficient workday

Security, trust, and reliability are the core values at Sentia that benefit all customers. Additionally, a solution is not unchangeable. Often, rapid changes in the workday and IT industry sometimes require changes in solutions. As a customer at Sentia, you are future-proofed with flexible solutions.
Sentia provides managed cloud services for Boliga with the management of SQL cluster and data backup and MPLS fiber connection to Boliga's domicile. The direct fiber connection makes it possible for Boliga's employees to access the systems in Sentia's data center easily, securely, and quickly.
"Besides a high degree of security and stability, we find that Sentia has a very pragmatic and flexible approach to IT operations, which we appreciate. We need to have a partner who can respond quickly to changing needs,"- elaborates Tim Jensen.

Boliga was founded in 2007 and is Denmark's leading site for search of rental and owner-occupied housing. Boliga has, over the years, established itself in Norway and Sweden and won several awards. In 2013, Boliga's new concept, 'Self-Sale,' a website where it is easier to sell your house on your own. Today Euroinvestor owns Boliga.

 *Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S on 18.01.2019

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