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Marcel Wigman

Marcel Wigman

Performance Architect During his career Marcel has helped organisations such as the Dutch Railways, Prorail, ASR and various municipalities with improving their IT-services. Speed, capacity, scalability and stability of the software are keywords in this. Marcel started his career as a developer in 1996, followed by working on performance testing, load modeling, performance troubleshooting and in the last few years automating performance testing in agile development projects. Within the organization Marcel is known for his Dynatrace expertise.

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Is performance testing in test environments useless?

At Ymor, we regularly speak to test managers who feel that the costs of setting up a “performance...
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Performance testing: Anyone can do it, right?

We see it often in our practice: a development party delivers a software package on behalf of the...
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Load test, performance test, end-to-end test, system test – What to choose?

Many organisations are aware of the need to test an application before a go-live. Next to...
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Why no IT manager can do without end-to-end monitoring

It sounds so logical; an application goes into production, and agreements are made with the...
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"A" performance test does not exist

Many organizations understand that the end-user satisfaction depends largely on the speed and...
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The Apdex score as a means to control for IT management

We know applications need to be fast and available. That’s why you actively monitor the performance...
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