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Jeffrey de Haan

Jeffrey de Haan

Manager Solutions After completing his studies in Graphic Media Technology in 2008, Jeffrey started his career at Capgemini. Soon he grew from Test Consultant to SAP Solution Architect and later focused on AWS Cloud technology. Realizing that IT is 'only a way' to facilitate business goals, Jeffrey chose to move from technology to business consultancy at Ymor in 2015. At Ymor, Jeffrey already helped several top-500 companies to correlate IT and business insights to distinguish themselves from the competition. In his role as Manager Solution Sales, Jeffrey currently leads an international team that creates customized IT monitoring solutions for customers such as Tommy Hilfiger, AholdDelhaize, Eneco, KLM and Simcorp.

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This is how you tackle IT peak loads: testing, monitoring and scaling

Traditional retail peaks, such as during Christmas and Valentine's Day, became even more dependent...
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Digital Experience Monitoring: the pinnacle of cloud monitoring

It’s no longer a question of whether organizations will move to the cloud, but when they will do...
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End-to-end insight into business process with SAP monitoring

For many organizations, SAP forms the basis for their business operations. Insight into the...
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Realtime insight in sap using the power of splunk

BNW Consulting recently announced that it has chosen Sentia as exclusive European distributor of...
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