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Inge Vollebregt

Inge Vollebregt

Inge Vollebregt, Manager Marketing and Communications at Sentia Netherlands. After obtaining her master's degree in Corporate Communications and fulfilling various communication roles, Inge joined Ymor in 2014 (later acquired by Sentia). She translates Sentia's services and products to the needs of the market and vice versa. She also takes care of communications within Sentia, about Sentia, and from Sentia.

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4 misconceptions about end-to-end monitoring

There are many misconceptions when it comes to monitoring the performance of applications....
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The business case for performance testing

The performance and availability of applications are of great importance. The speed of an...
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Thinking in IT chains – Sentia at the Legal Aid Board (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand)

Thinking in terms of single applications is a thing of the past. If you want to keep the...
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Getting a grip on your suppliers with IT chain management

To get a grip on IT suppliers, organizations have to learn to exercise chain management. This means...
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3 tips for dealing with IT performance problems

Poorly performing IT is one of the biggest irritation factors in organisations. Not only does it...
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Ymonitor during VDI migrations and new EPD at St Anna Zorggroep

During migrations and implementations, it is important to know what the quality of the IT was...
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Enexis, transforming to an incident-free IT environment

The primary concern of Enexis is to maintain and support the gas and electricity network in the...
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PerformanceHiX: The transition from EZIS to HiX

The health care sector is dealing with radical changes in IT, which bring risks for the stability...
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