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Henrik Wehlast Antonsen

Henrik Wehlast Antonsen

Head of Public cloud at Sentia with many years of experience in the IT industry from, among others, Cloudeon, Crayon, and Hitachi Vantara. His work covers business development and management - and his professional consulting is valued greatly among customers and his Team. As Head of Public cloud, Henrik works with particular attention to execute the customers’ digital transformation and control their business’ cloud infrastructure.

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Mobilize Business Agility with Cloud Brokerage

Cloud brokerage offers a way to handle a multi-cloud strategy while also ensuring full transparency...
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It's time for cloud adoption. Are you prepared for the journey?

Whether you are headed for a public cloud or a multicloud solution, chances are that you are either...
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How digital transformation enforce the green agenda

A robust business and IT infrastructure combined with agility, freedom of maneuver, and scalability...
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A secure and robust cloud migration

The approach to a cloud migration must be with a long-term perspective, it requires a well-thought...
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7 best practices for a successful cloud migration

Is your company aiming for a cloud strategy? Are you well on your way to taking the first steps?...
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5 tips on how to optimize your cloud economy

What should you pay attention to when operating IT solutions in the cloud? What can you do yourself...
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7 ways FSI companies can utilize data and analytics using the cloud

“Knowledge is power” so they say. And in the world of financial services and insurance (FSI), where...
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4 key considerations of cloud adoption for FSI companies

When financial services and insurance (FSI) companies consider moving to the cloud, a great deal of...
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