Assai Software transfers cloud environment management to Sentia

9 November 2021

Software supplier Assai has transferred the management of its Microsoft Azure cloud environment to Sentia, a European service provider in the field of hybrid cloud services and application management. Assai provides an out-of-the-box document control and management software solution that can be delivered via the cloud or on-premises. Sentia has signed a contract with the software supplier for this collaboration.

Assai is the worldwide market leader in document management solutions for complex engineering and construction projects in, among others, the energy, transport, and chemical markets. Assai’s solution allows organisations to store and manage data and documents for large industrial projects. This limits the risk of data loss and guarantees maximum security. The company employs more than 60 people across four offices in the Netherlands, Russia, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Earlier this year, Assai began looking for a managed service provider which could grow in-line with the software company's ambitions. For example, the expansion to a multi-cloud approach will play an important role within Assai in the short term, with AWS and Google Cloud being explicitly looked at in addition to Microsoft Azure. The new cloud partner’s experience with various hyper-scalers was an important requirement.
In addition, it was an explicit wish of Assai to offer proactive monitoring on the Azure cloud. In this way, any problems within the cloud environment can be identified early, so that customers are not inconvenienced. In the end, Sentia was chosen from six parties.

“Sentia has more than proven in a short period of time that it has the technical knowledge and flexibility we need to realise our growth ambitions,” said Hans Kalf, Managing Director of Assai. “But perhaps more importantly, are the people who make Sentia what it is. Working together with friendly and conscientious professionals who understand what we want and who respond to our wishes and needs bodes well for the future. We look forward to this collaboration with great confidence.”

Edwin Kennedy, Chief Commercial Officer of Sentia Netherlands added: “We are proud to add such an innovative and international player as Assai to our portfolio. We also feel the connection on a personal level and know that we have the (multi-cloud) knowledge and skills in house to help Assai succeed in their ambitions. So, it’s a good match. We look forward to the future.”

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