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Customer Case - Lely

In 1948, the brothers Van der Lely started working on innovations to reduce the labor effort of the...
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Case: Sligro's transformed cloud platform captures all seasonal peaks

Sligro Food Group derives 70% of its sales online, so it understands how important it is to...
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Case study: Dustin

Dustin (formerly Centralpoint) is a leading supplier of ICT hardware and solutions, supported with...
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Case study: Allshare

Allshare is an ISV that offers banking solutions covering private wealth management, payment, and...
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Case study: Vestas

With over 17% of the world’s installed wind capacity base1, Vestas is a leading manufacturer,...
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Case study: Triodos Bank

One of the most sustainable banks in the world, Triodos Bank, has the mission to put its clients’...
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Case study: Rapid Cloud Migration

Replatforming strategy to meet a challenging deadline. Our client provides households with a modern...
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Case study: Sanoma Learning

Sanoma Learning is one of Europe’s leading educational companies and delivers print, digital, and...
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Case study: AZ Maria Middelares

AZ Maria Middelares is a modern Ghent hospital. In 2015, it modernised its entire compound to meet...
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Case study: Nuffic

Operating on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Foreign...
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