Case: Sligro's transformed cloud platform captures all seasonal peaks

February 14 2022

Sligro Food Group derives 70% of its sales online, so it understands
how important it is to continue investing in digitization. For that reason, Sligro adopted a better-performing platform to serve the Hotel & Catering Industry, suited to today's digital expectations. The most important improvement so far? “The platform's continuity has proven essential.”

Sligro Food Group is a major player in the Dutch hospitality sector. With over 5,000 employees, 2,250 suppliers and other partners, the company serves as many as 610,000 customers. 

"Our catering platform has grown to become the largest in the Netherlands. Established organizations, such as Heineken, have entered into a strategic partnership with Sligro. To process this scale of orders, as well as provide the same digital experience to our vastly different clientele, from hotels, festivals, and the small village bistro, we need a 100% reliable IT platform”

- Jorn van de Ven , Head of IT Digital & CRM at Sligro

 In collaboration with Sentia, Sligro optimized its hospitality platform to effortlessly meet increasing demand while continuing to deliver the same high quality in all segments. Want to learn out how Sligro leveraged AWS Cloud to improve its platform end-to-end, from scalability to DevOps:


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This case was originally published in the Financieel Dagblad


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