From Australia and back to Sentia: meet Sharon Wimpel

October 07 2022

Sharon started in 2019 as Office Manager, quit to travel around Australia, and rejoined Sentia in 2020 when the new Amsterdam office opened. By seizing opportunities and her creative thinking she was promoted to Internal communications and Creative projects in 2022. 


While I was born in the Netherlands, traveling has always been one of my greatest passions. At twenty-one, I made the decision to leave behind my job as a hair- and makeup artist and my home in Utrecht, to go on a big adventure. For three months I traveled around Southeast Asia, not having a care in the world, just enjoying nature, experiencing different cultures, and meeting incredible people. The real change happened when I got to Australia and realized: “There's so much more to life”. Eventually, I ended up staying abroad for three years and promised myself never again to return to a mundane life.  


The dusty industry of IT, or... 
In 2019, figuring I’d done enough traveling for the moment, I moved back to the Netherlands. Remembering my resolution, I challenged myself to find new experiences. I started teaching yoga and looking to gain experience in a completely unfamiliar field, I signed up with an employment agency. Within a day they proposed a role as Office Manager at Sentia. Truthfully, I was very hesitant at first. This was a company I had never heard of and an industry I didn’t know anything about, nor was I interested in. On top of that, I had sworn off that mundane lifestyle and couldn’t think of anything more mundane than an office job.  
I went to the interview anyway and was pleasantly surprised with the cool vibes of both the office and my future manager. They told me about the relaxed environment, supportive colleagues, and freedom, which got me interested in experiencing work at Sentia’s office. Not long after I started my role, I learned that the dusty image of IT that I had created in my head, was not accurate at all!   

My colleagues were super social and helpful, and I discovered that at Sentia whenever you have an idea about how to improve a certain aspect, they highly encourage you to work it out and implement your change. 


Change of plans 

My travel desire resurfaced a couple of months into my role.  It saddened me to say goodbye to my colleagues after only six months, but I really wanted to experience the freedom of traveling one more time before truly landing back in The Netherlands. So, I booked my flight to Australia. There, I experienced three incredible months, until...  

The world got hit by a pandemic. By the time I got home, the Netherlands was in a semi-lockdown, and I was not sure where I would work again. Kim, my manager at Sentia, whom I kept in contact with when I left the company, called me one day when I was back in The Netherlands. Sentia happened to be opening a new office in Amsterdam and needed someone to not only help with coordinating the move but also an office manager. In other words: they wanted me to join the company again!  


Back in business 

Since restarting again in Spring 2020, I have learned so much, finished many projects, and once again experienced that Sentia is the company of opportunity and non-mundane lifestyles. The organization provides the space to discover where my interest lies and what I truly enjoy doing. In 2021 I was even asked to participate in Sentia's Development Program, a program for young talent to dive deep into themselves and find what it is they’re passionate about. This helped me on my path to finding what it is I can do every day that leaves me energized, fulfilled and alive. With the help of this program, I worked towards my promotion and I am now working on Internal Communications and Creative Projects. A role where I can use my creative brain, writing skills, people skills and infectious positivity.   


It's been and still is an exciting journey at Sentia. I foresee even more growth and development opportunities in the future as that’s what the company is about. For myself, I want to work towards having a bigger team of people to work with, further help create an exciting company culture and learn more about branding and marketing. And who knows, maybe next time the travel bug creeps up again, I get to move together with Sentia.   


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