From York to Amsterdam, meet Sentian: Joe Hunter

March 04 2022

Joe Hunter started working for Sentia in February 2021, but has lived in Amsterdam since 2018. Joe is a Corporate Recruiter. In this role, he is the first person to get in touch with any new Sentian. We asked Joe about how he experienced his move from York to Amsterdam. 


Once upon a time in England

I used to study in Newcastle, which is well known as the university city of the UK. This is where I did a combination of Business and Computer Science called Business Information Systems. I choose to do this study after having gained work experience at Microsoft and had seen with my eyes the impact of the cloud on companies' productivity. I ended up joining a worldwide recruitment agency. This is where I created a cloud/infrastructure oriented network in The Netherlands and after 3 years of doing this successfully, I got the opportunity to start an office in Amsterdam together with some colleagues and helped grow this from 8 to around 40 before I moved over to Sentia, and here I am now!


From working together to working for each other

Since I have enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone, moving to a new country was not a huge step for me. I started to work with Sentia through my old company. After three years of hiring candidates for Sentia as an external, I had the idea of joining the company directly. Because I already had a good connection with them for so long, I was very familiar with the company's culture and I knew that this would be the perfect fit for me. At Sentia you will be given a lot of flexibility and freedom to be responsible for your own tasks. The confidence you receive from colleagues and managers is really unique. There is absolutely no competition. I joined Sentia during the lockdown period. This brought on some challenges as there were less people in the office, but during the introduction phase it was really cool to meet up with colleagues who were in a similar situation as me. Frank, Amanda and the other people in HR and management made sure I quickly found my way around.


You can find me on my bike or at the Squash club!

I am currently based in Amsterdam close to the Westerpark. This is the perfect place to take a walk with my girlfriend and our dog. But the first thing I have noticed about the Netherlands is the amount of bikers! I'm very athletic so this is a habituation I picked up, together with the sending of Tikkies! Besides cycling, I also regularly play Squash, where I have met many friends, and also at the hockey club. Other than that, the biggest contrast compared to life in England is that people are a little more straightforward here. However, in the UK we have many more Pubs, haha. I sometimes do miss the mountains and coast of Cornwall where I used to visit regularly, but going to the Zandvoort beach does give me a sense of connection with the coast and makes me realize how beautiful the Netherlands is.


So many ambitions for the future!

In the meantime, I have restarted my Dutch courses. I believe it is very important to be able to speak the languages of the country in which you are living and working. In the near future, I will be going to the UK one or two times a year to visit relatives and to attend some important events such as weddings. At Sentia I have already developed myself in the area of soft skills and IT know-how. My aspirations are geared towards making the recruitment department even more professional. We have already made significant progress and I enjoy being a part of that process. In the long term, I would also like to consider leaving my comfort zone and moving to a new country. Perhaps to Poland, where my girlfriend is from, or somewhere sunnier like Spain! I would recommend all future Sentia employees to completely dive in to the culture and to join in the activities, like the annual ski trip. It brings all the colleagues a lot closer to each other and creates great memories.


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