Case: Helvetia optimizes monitoring with SAP PowerConnect

May 04 2022

Helvetia is a leading Swiss insurance company with branches in Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain and France. The organization encountered problems with the performance of its CRM software, but it was unable to centralize and analyze the SAP data in order to come up with a good solution.

The corporation strives to be the best partner in the field of financial security, and to create a benchmark for customer experience and accessibility. To realize this vision, a properly functioning IT landscape is crucial.

''The integration with SAP into our system involves a complex infrastructure. In the old situation, we couldn't identify which component of the CRM application was not functioning properly when users complained about a slow system.''

- Micha Altmeyer, Head of SAP Application Management Services at Helvetia

The previous successful cooperation with Sentia, at the time regarding security & compliance, made Helvetia decide to team up again.

Want to know how Sentia and Helvetia, utilizing SAP PowerConnect, achieved successful performance monitoring in its complex IT landscape?


Read the Helvetia Case here


Helvetia Case


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