A Cloud Podcast: Control

25 August 2021

In Sentia's 'A Cloud Podcast' our experts come together and share their insights and experience from the perspective of architects, consultants, and engineers on rock-solid preparations, planning, and best practices to get you through your entire cloud journey. Listen in and learn about the key steps for each of your critical phases.

Episode 3: How to stay in control of your cloud landscape

In this episode, we are joined by Tim Roelse (Digital Transformation Expert) as he covers the ins and outs of the Cloud Center of Excellence, how to stay in control of your cloud processes and what that requires from a people and process perspective.

Key takeaways:

  1. How do you stay in control of a complex cloud environment?
  2. What are the processes you need around cloud governance?
  3. What can a Cloud Center of Excellence do to support it?


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